Best Food For man to eat That 4 things -anf stay healthy and fit

To keep their body healthy and fit, people go to the gym every day and say hours of hard work and consume many kinds of things, but due to the deteriorating lifestyle and food nowadays, most men have weakness and weakness in their body. Many types of diseases start coming. Today we have brought 4 such things for you, whose regular intake will keep the body healthy and strong for a long time, so let's know about it.

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1) Eggs  - Each man should eat two eggs in breakfast in the morning. Eating eggs provides essential nutritious elements like calcium, sodium, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and omega-3. Which are helpful in strengthening the body. Eating eggs brightens the eyesight.

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2) Milk - Calcium is found in milk, which makes bones strong. Apart from this, drinking milk provides many essential nutrients and energy to the body and all types of weakness of the body are removed.

3) Banana  - Banana contains any essential nutrients and energy for the body. Eating banana removes weakness of the body and makes the body strong, so men should consume milk and banana in breakfast in the morning.

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4) Dates - Men should eat dates with milk in breakfast in the morning. By this, the body will get the necessary nutrients and energy and the problem of weakness will go away.

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