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Glad that you are at the  place to read out the Shop101 review, a well-known social commerce platform for resellers to make money in India.
I am feeling out and out happy to write a review about shop101 app. A platform that offered me an opportunity to become a reseller and learn about reselling. In the middle of 2018, my reselling business carrier has been started accidentally with the help of a social commerce platform for resellers called shop101. When I have swiped the stories one by one on my Instagram account, I came to see a few terms like online selling app, reselling, work from home and earn money.
However, I instantly click the download link and then installed from Google play store without even study any shop101 reviews written by others. Are you eager to know what happened right after I installed the Shop101? Just wait a moment!

What is Shop101 App? A Basic Explanation

A mobile application based in India exclusively for people who interested to earn profit by reselling different products from several categories.
Shop101 is one among the top three reselling mobile applications in India. Shop101 reseller network plays a role as a social commerce platform. It acts as an intermediate between manufacturers and sellers from the application to reach wholesalers products to buyers via their resellers. However, the particular mobile application for reselling is believed as India’s No.1 online selling application trusted by 25+ lakhs sellers to earn income.
Firstly, joining as a reseller in the shop101 app is absolutely free. Whatever smartphone you own whether an iPhone or Android mobile, search for the query shop101 on your app store, download and install. Setting up your free online store at shop101 app usually takes less than 2 minutes.
To fill the basic details like name, email is mandatory. You can choose your store name and brand logo while registering for your reseller account at shop101 app. Right after joining, you will be asked to provide your bank account details and also you have to upload your PAN card. Make sure while providing bank details and uploading PAN, your name matches perfectly on both.
You will get a separate URL for your store once register done. For example, if your store name is XYZ and your store URL will be like
That’s enough and you are now ready to earn money from your reseller account at shop101.
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Know the Shop101 Platform Founder and Team

founders abhinav and aditya
Founded in 2015
Abhinav Jain and Aditya Gupta have founded shop101 app in 2015. They have a head office in Mumbai and as per records in their website. They have roughly 201 – 500 employees working with them under several departments. Also, you can check on their website to read more about their team members.

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Shop101 Review

Almost I have been a reseller at shop101 mobile app for the past ten months and my experiences with their services are really satisfied.
Most importantly, at shop101, your earnings will be transferred to your bank account on time as they promised. Currently, their payment cycle is on every Friday. You will get your earnings on Friday’s between 6 to 8 PM.
I like this particular feature transferring earnings on a weekly basis much over other reselling business apps in India. More shop101 review in detail below:-

Shop101 Support

I really appreciate their support team as whatever doubt regarding your order, you can call or chat with support from 10 PM to 7 PM all days. You will get quick replies from their executives to clear your any sort of doubts. Also, you can chat with them through the application itself as they have an option to chat with the support team.
Open App>>Click 3 Horizontal Lines on Top Right>>Chat with Support (For Chat)
Open App>>Click 3 Horizontal Lines on Top Right>>Call Shop101 Support (To Speak with executive)

Seller Panel

When you open shop101 app, at the top right corner you will see three horizontal lines. Click on that and there Click Go to seller panel. This is where you can see all your store activities like sales, number of website views, followers count.
  • Your Products
Click to check your product inventory. Here you can edit product or delete already added products.  Create, edit and delete categories from this section. From this tab, you can also generate coupons and share to customers if you want to provide any offers with coupons.
  • Manage Orders
You can check and manage all your orders from the tab. Orders which are approved, ready for dispatch, shipped, closed and payments will be seen here.
  • View Payments
Tab to check your sales summary daily, weekly and monthly vice as well.
  • Manage Customers
Your store customers details stored in the tab.  You can check your customers in this tab and their order histories as well. You can also manage your order, by clicking either orders option at the bottom or click horizontal lines at the shop and then your orders.
  • Download Images
Recently they mad a further update that you can now download the quality images from the product collections by clicking just a button.


Shop101 Premium to get your Own Domain

Most of the people used to ask me to explain about shop101 premium options. That’s why I considered explaining the portion on this shop101 review.
They have a premium option in which you have to pay 7999 INR per year including taxes to get your own domain name. It’s a great idea to afford a website under your own domain name for just 7999 INR/year to share it with your buyers. Luckily I got my own domain name for free of cost. As a result, Shop101 has offered me free for one year because of my good sales summary.
I will not recommend you to buy this during initial stages as you can get orders from your buyers just sharing the products directly (without domain). You may consider this later.

Shop101 Mobile Application Complete Overview

The overall shop101 app is user-friendly and anyone can easily use it as they have designed it well with all easy to use options. Once you open the app, the landed tab will be shop101 supply.
At the top right corner, three options are there. One is to search for products as you can search either by name or code of the product, the second one is your cart where you go and place your orders and the three horizontal lines buttons.
shop101 supply
This is How Top View of App Look Alike
Next, products will be shown category vice and then you will see all the offers listed by shop101 in banner style.  There after you will see products and keep scroll down to check popular and newly updated products. Popular products list will keep on change every time you open the app.

At the Bottom of the App

bottom of the application
Shop101 Mobile Application Bottom View
Popular – Nothing but popular products on shop101 app home page
Help – There are few videos listed out that you can watch and learn everything about shop101. Also, here you can check their return and other policy guidelines.
Collections – If you want to check the products collections vice like separate categories, newly launched, combo offer and more exclusive options to choose products.
Tips from my experience: While choosing single products or catalogue collections, make sure that you are choosing products which are currently trending for reselling. So that you will get your orders quickly.
Bonus – Shop101 offer weekly bonus to their resellers. Also, There are chances that you can earn up to extra 8000 INR per week apart from your margin with the help of their weekly bonus program. You can check the details under this option.
Shared – Here is the tab where you can check all your already shared products.
There are two more options you will see when you click the three horizontal lines at the top right:-
Your Earnings – To check your earnings weekly vice. It includes your weekly bonus amount as well as your margin.
Your Bank Details – Your updated bank details can be seen here. You can edit your bank details whenever you want. But make sure whenever you change your bank details, the account name will match the exact name on your PAN card.

Shop101 App Supply – Place to See Product Collections

Supply on Shop101 is where you see updated product collections
Page you will see after open Shop101 App
As I mentioned above Shop101 supply is where you reach directly once you open your app. The shop101 supply page is where you see all products to share it with the customers. It will keep on getting updated every time new catalogues added by the wholesalers.

Apply Product Filters

There is a filter option in the app in which you can easily filter the products. For example, if you only want to check dress materials, just click the filter and choose women and then click dress materials under the women category. This will help you go through products under only the particular category or sub categories.

Prices and Offers

One fabulous thing that I like most at shop101 reseller platform is that they used to announce different offers on a daily basis in which you can earn rewards, cash prizes, gold coins and products. You will subsequently get intimations via SMS during the offer periods.
I have so far won money worth around 75,000 INR includes (gold coins and different products) from their offers. In addition, the products include sandwich makers, trolley, headphones, carpets and even more I don’t remember that exactly what all

Earn Money by Reselling from Shop101 App

Okie!! You understand all the basic things about the shop101 app like how to join, app structure, overview and other options from above all shop101 app review.
Now you should learn, how to earn money by reselling on the shop101 app and how it works?

Share Products to Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram

sharing products from shop101 app to your whatsapp is easy
Moreover, it’s your complete responsibility to work hard to reach products to the buyers in order to make money from shop101 app. Sharing products is easy. Under every product from the application, there is a Share & Earn button with Whatsapp logo. You can share the products to Whatsapp numbers by clicking on it. It is possible to share via Whatsapp either to individuals or groups. Both the images and description will be shared to your customers one after one.
Also, you can choose to share with a link to your shop101 store URL if you want your buyers to directly visit your store and place order. To enable this option, click 3 horizontal lines at the top right and you will see at the bottom share website link. Just enable it to add your Shop101 store link to your description.
I recommend not to share description along with your link, because not all buyers would know how to place orders from the link. They might find difficulties and just leave them without placing the order. So it’s advice from my personal experience to get your customers delivery address and place the order by yourself from the application itself.
Apart from sharing it on Whatsapp directly, you can also download the images separately and share it to your Facebook wall and Instagram account let your social media friends may visit and place orders. If you are aware about Facebook marketplace, try to sell your products on Facebook marketplace for free. It’s one of the quickest ways to get orders and gain more buyers.

Placing an Order by Yourself

It’s easy and takes less than a minute to place your customer orders by yourself. There is a button under each product Order Now. Click on it and the product will be added to your cart. Proceed to check out, select new delivery address to add your customer address or search for existing customers if they added already. Proceed and they choose payment options either as cash on delivery or online payment order. That’s the work and your order will be placed successfully.

Adding the Margin

Before sharing the product, make sure to add your margin. You will see the wholesale price for all the products left side next to the product image. On the right side, there is an earn option where you can add a margin of the product. Also, you can edit your margin anytime under Your Products column.


If you are really thinking about earning money by reselling business from the best platform for resellers, don’t make any further delay and join shop101 app right now and jump into action. Let the success be yours soon.
Are you like the way I conveyed shop101 review in this post? If yes, do share the post on your social media profiles wherever possible.
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